Bite Sized Content

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Right now it’s kind of trending. TLDR (Too long;Didn’t Read), snackable content, short form content, Tweetstorm.

But is it the right fit for us? Should we use it and go with the flow?

There are people who enjoy reading this type of content. Usually fast and easy to grab the point. Really work well for busy audience (mostly) and for those who have problem with reading long contents.

Contents tend to be honest, because we need to tell the “truth” in a few words.

To practice, you can use Twitter. A single tweet is limited to 280 chars. That is like 2-3 sentences. You can also learn from accounts with huge followers how they share their stories/values in tweets.

There are newsletters that use this type, such as TLDR,, Mailbrew, Morning Brew. They have a quite large audience (>1000 audience).

Social medias also seemingly go with this approach, Tiktok is a good example. People enjoy >1 min contents, also around 15s content. Instagram Story is also moving this way.

It doesn’t mean people nowadays don’t like long form contents. We can treat it like foods. we sometimes need snacks and also need a dinner. Both are complementary and useful for our body.

What you want to consider is that,”The average attention span of a millennial is a whopping 12 seconds—and for Gen Zers, that number is an even more disappointing 8 seconds” – Insider, 2017

But also, you want to consider this tweet:

Even though blog post (may be categorized as long form content) is higher, but the conclusion I take is there are audiences you can look for with bite-sized contents.

I would say there is nothing to lose if we try this type of content. If you run newsletter that relies on long form content, we can once a month give a “digest” on what’s happening in that month (or weekly, if that’s your type).

We can also mix the contents with long form contents and short form contents. Say you write a long blog post. You need to promote it to other platform, right? (that’s me, though)

We can create the “TLDR” version of our blog post for our tweets. See how Dru Riley ( did it with his tweeter and how he spread the word of his newsletter.

So, try planning one of your next post to use bite-sized contents. If you have any questions, tweet me at